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Why Integrate Yay! Forms with ActiveCampaign?

Discover the limitless possibilities when you integrate Yay! Forms with ActiveCampaign. Transform your digital marketing efforts, nurture leads more effectively, and create a seamless experience for both you and your customers. Let's dive into how this powerful integration can revolutionize the way you connect with your audience.

Lead Nurturing

With Yay! Forms and ActiveCampaign, you can turn your leads into loyal customers through automated yet personalized email sequences. Imagine a prospective customer filling out a form to download a resource from your website. Instantly, their information is sent to ActiveCampaign, triggering a welcome email, followed by a series of tailored messages based on their interests and interactions. This seamless connection ensures that no lead is left unattended, and every potential customer receives a personalized journey through your sales funnel.

Event Registration

Organizing an event has never been easier. When attendees register using a Yay! Forms form, their information is automatically updated in ActiveCampaign. Send them instant confirmation emails, reminders as the event approaches, and even follow-up emails to thank them for attending. This automation not only saves time but also enhances the attendee experience, making your events more successful and memorable.

Customer Feedback and Follow-Up

Gathering customer feedback is crucial, but following up is where the magic happens. With Yay! Forms and ActiveCampaign, once a customer submits feedback through a form, it triggers a personalized thank-you email and initiates a follow-up sequence. This ensures that your customers feel heard and valued, and it provides you with invaluable insights to continuously improve your products or services.

Automate Your Email Campaigns

Say goodbye to manual data entry and disjointed communication. Connecting Yay! Forms with ActiveCampaign allows you to automate your email campaigns, ensuring that the right messages reach the right people at the right time. From lead generation to customer retention, every form submission is an opportunity to enhance your email marketing efforts and drive results.

Streamline Lead Generation

Capture leads effortlessly and watch your ActiveCampaign lists grow. Every time a potential customer fills out a form, their information is instantly added to your chosen list in ActiveCampaign. This seamless process ensures that you never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience and that your leads are always up to date.

Personalize Customer Journeys

Deliver personalized experiences that resonate with your audience. With the integration of Yay! Forms and ActiveCampaign, you can use form responses to segment your audience and tailor your email content to meet their specific needs and interests. This level of personalization strengthens customer relationships and drives engagement, leading to increased loyalty and conversions.

How to use this integration

Como usar essa integração

Cómo utilizar esta integración

Follow the steps below to integrate Yay! Forms with ActiveCampaign:

1. Log in to your ActiveCampaign account.

2. Search for "Yay" in ActiveCampaign Native Application Search and select Yay! Forms:

3. Click "Add an Account" to connect to your Yay! forms account.

4. Enter your Api Token in the field indicated below and press Connect

5. You can generate/get your API Token key at as indicated in the image below:

6. Select Workspace and Form as indicated in the image below:

7. Map the fields between Yay! Forms (left) and ActiveCampaign (right), as indicated in the image below. You can add as many fields as you like. After completing the mapping, click Finish.

8. After the above configuration is completed, you will see the onboarding screen as shown below:

9. The contacts will be automatically imported into ActiveCampaign with the respective tags and fields, as shown in the image below:

10. From now on, you can use the responses to a form as a trigger for an automation in ActiveCampaign, as shown in the image below:

11. In case you ever need to disconnect your account, integrate new forms or see the logs of submitted forms, just access as indicated in the image below.

That's all! From now on, every response your form receives will be synchronized with ActiveCampaign.

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