Email Feedback (AI-Powered)

Send automated email feedback to respondents with custom AI-generated content based on the answers provided.



At Yay! Forms, we're thrilled to introduce a revolutionary feature that's set to transform your interaction with respondents: Email Feedback powered by AI. This cutting-edge tool is designed to provide instant, personalized feedback to your form respondents, enhancing the user experience and offering valuable insights with minimal effort.

What is Email Feedback?

Email Feedback is an automated system that sends out personalized email responses to individuals who complete your forms. What sets our Email Feedback apart is its AI-driven content generation capability. Based on the content of the answers submitted, our AI algorithm crafts tailored messages that are relevant, informative, and engaging.

Key Features

  • Placeholders: Customize your email content with placeholders. For instance: "Dear {{name_field_id}}, your score is: {{score}}. That's how you can improve: {{ai_feedback}}".
  • AI-Powered Personalization: Leverage the power of AI to analyze responses and generate customized feedback that resonates with each respondent.
  • Automated Process: Once set up, the feedback system operates automatically, sending out emails without any manual intervention.
  • Analyze the quality of the generated content: See the generated content in the responses table.

How It Works

  1. Setup: Configure your Email Feedback settings within your form integrations page.
  2. AI Generation: Upon form submission, the AI analyzes the responses provided by the respondent and generates personalized feedback content.
  3. Email Dispatch: The customized email is automatically sent to the respondent's email address, providing them with immediate feedback.
  4. Analytics Tracking: Monitor the performance of your feedback emails through the Yay! Forms dashboard, allowing you to adjust and optimize your strategy.


  • Enhanced User Experience: Provide instant value to your respondents with feedback that acknowledges their input and offers useful information or next steps.
  • Increased Engagement: Tailored feedback encourages further interaction with your brand, potentially increasing conversion rates and loyalty.
  • Efficiency at Scale: Automate the feedback process without sacrificing the personal touch, saving you time and resources.

How to use this integration

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