Integrate Yay! Forms with Google Analytics GA4

Google Analytics GA4

Track your form submissions and user interactions seamlessly with Google Analytics GA4 integration.

Analytics & Reporting


Real-Time Analytics: Get insights on form submissions and user interactions as they happen.

User-Centric Reporting: Understand user behavior across your forms.

Event Tracking: Set up events to track specific form interactions.

Easy Set-up: Simplified configuration makes integration straightforward. No coding required!

Data Insights: Dive deep into your form performance data with advanced analytics.


Informed Decisions: Make data-driven decisions to enhance form performance.

User Behavior Understanding: Get a clear view of how users interact with your forms.

Conversion Tracking: Track conversions and measure the effectiveness of your forms.

How to use this integration

Como usar essa integração

Cómo utilizar esta integración

Follow the steps below to integrate Yay! Forms with Google Analytics:

Initially, access the desired form and select the Integrate tab. Here, you will find the option related to Google Analytics. Click on Configure to proceed with the setup of your Google Analytics.

Now, it's necessary for you to access your Google Analytics and click on Administrator.

Next, click on Account Access Management and Data Flows as shown in the example below.

Now, you should select the desired data flow and copy its ID

After obtaining your GA4 ID, you simply need to place it in your form like this:

We hope you enjoy the new integration :)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to [email protected].