Integrate Yay! Forms with WhatsApp


Receive real-time notifications on WhatsApp for every form submission.



Instant Notifications: Get notified instantly on WhatsApp whenever someone submits your form.

Direct Communication: Use your own phone number to receive notifications directly.

Easy Setup: A simple configuration process to set up WhatsApp notifications.

Convenient Access: Have form submission notifications at your fingertips.


Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated with real-time notifications on WhatsApp.

Enhanced Accessibility: Access form submission notifications anytime, anywhere on WhatsApp.

Time-Saving: Save time and get immediate updates directly on your phone.

How to use this integration

Como usar essa integração

Cómo utilizar esta integración

Follow the steps below to integrate Yay! Forms with WhatsApp:

First, access the desired form and select the Integrate tab. Simply scroll down, and you will find the option related to WhatsApp. Now, click on configure,as shown in the image below:

Now, you just need to enter the phone number from which you want to receive notifications related to your form, as shown in the example below:

All done! From now on, every time someone submits the responses in this form, you will receive them in your WhatsApp.